Dr. Scott Tilton

Food Animal Nutritionist and Technical Sales Advisor, The Andersons Inc.

Dr. Scott Tilton joined The Andersons in 2020 to support their development and marketing of new high protein ethanol co-products. Prior to this, he served as Manager of Nutrition Services for Flint Hills Resources (now POET), where he led research efforts to develop their NexPro® distillers protein product.

Dr. Tilton obtained his PhD in Monogastric Nutrition from the University of Nebraska in 1997. He is actively involved in coordinating research to demonstrate the value of novel distillers feed products and communicating this information to industry nutritionists. In addition, he currently serves as Secretary of the Distillers Grains Technology Council.

Scott has been married to his lovely wide Lydia for over 25 years and enjoys restoring antique cars and trucks in his spare time.