David Miller

Chief Economist, Decision Innovation Solutions  

David Miller, Chief Economist, contracts with Decision Innovation Solutions to provide economic analysis and business development services. He is responsible for building, maintaining and enhancing business relationships, developing new product lines and service offerings, and collaborating with the Decision Innovation Solutions team on project development and fulfillment, and identifying prospective clientele.

David Miller grew up on a northwestern Indiana dairy, hog and grain farm. Miller returned to the farm in 1972 with his father and expanded the dairy herd from 35 cows to 150 cows. Hog finishing was expanded to about 3,000 head per year and crop land expanded to about 1,000 acres. The farming operation was moved to north-central Missouri in 1979 with a focus on hog production and grain production.

While in Missouri, David finished up a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, completed an MBA in finance at the University of Missouri-Columbia. He also completed the course work towards a PhD in Ag Economics at Missouri. David was on the staff of the University of Missouri as an Extension Farm Management Specialist and then worked as an Extension Grain and Livestock Marketing Research Specialist. In 1991, Miller began a 28+ year career with the Farm Bureau organization, working nearly 8 years for the American Farm Bureau Federation as a Grain Policy Specialist and then as the Livestock Policy Specialist and Commodity Program Coordinator. Miller joined the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation in 1998 as the Director of Research and Commodity Services where he coordinated the research programs of the Iowa Farm Bureau and the various commodity services offered by the Federation. He provided economic analysis on a wide variety of agricultural issues Miller served on several state, regional and national boards or committees including the National Institute of Animal Agriculture, the Extension Section of the American Agricultural Economics Association, the Executive Committee of the U.S. Meat Export Federation, the Offset Committee of the Chicago Climate Exchange, The Midwest Governor’s Association Greenhouse Gas Accord committee, and the Iowa Climate Change Advisory Council.

Miller is active in production agriculture. In 2003, he began active ownership and operation of a grain farm in southern Iowa which now has grown to 770 acres. Primary crops on the farm are corn and soybeans. David joined DIS as Chief Economist after retiring from the Iowa Farm Bureau. Areas of expertise include ag policy, commodity market analysis, economic modeling, and international trade.